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Two ultra-competitive brothers with a passion for Digital Marketing & a burning desire to Help Our Clients Win!

We come from a family of Builders.

But, instead of building magazine-worthy, custom homes like our Father, Uncle & Grandfather...

We build cutting-edge Digital Marketing campaigns to help you dominate your competition!

We know your business is your baby & we treat it with the care it deserves!

We learned Marketing by working directly with some of the BEST marketing minds on the planet.

But, we learned Business from our father...

Who taught us that putting our clients' needs ahead of our own is the cornerstone of #Success!


"Marketing, when done right, is NOT a cost to your business...it's an investment that pays immediate returns!"
~Michael Popper

Featured Services...


Digital Marketing Strategy

They don't call it the World Wide Web for nothing!  You can get tangled up in it pretty quickly, if you don't know what you're doing.
Let us create a Popper Blueprint (TM) for your online marketing that will take your business to heights you never imagined!

Tractor Beam Targeting_cmyk

Tractor Beam Targeting

We partnered with the developer of the most advanced Customer Targeting System on the planet, to give us the ability to...
"BEAM UP" your Ideal Customers from wherever you choose!

Ever dreamed of LEGALLY stealing customers from your competitors??

T.B.T. can turn those Dreams into Reality!


AdWords PPC Management

Our AdWords team has run thousands of successful campaigns & still meets with Google regularly to ensure we stay ahead of the curve.

A LOT of people make costly mistakes & lose money with AdWords, but...

Our clients use it as an ATM! 😉


Facebook Advertising

Your customers ARE here, but you can burn through your budget fast, if you don't know how to properly optimize campaigns.

Our Facebook Ads Advisor has generated almost $2 BILLION in sales for clients!  Sound like someone you want to work with? 🙂

Expert Positioning!

We created this platform to help position you as the Local Expert in your field.

Our clients love it & the ROI for them has been undeniable!

More effective than any Billboard you could buy!

Introducing Popper Social!

If your Facebook Business Page isn't actively bringing in New Customers & helping Grow Your Business, you need to fix that immediately!

Our Page Management Services through Popper Social will help turn your Facebook Page into the Digital Asset it was meant to be!

integrity word in vintage metal type printing blocks over grunge wood

The Heart of Everything We Do

Think New School Marketing shouldn't come at the expense of Old School Integrity?

So do we!

At Popper Metrics, we do what's best for our clients, for one reason & one reason only...because it's the right thing to do.

And, we take immense pride in being able to say that we get positive results for 100% of our clients.

It's because we only agree to work with businesses we know we can help.

So, if we accept you as a client, you can rest assured that Your best interests have now become Ours.

And, yes...that's a Promise!


Why You Can Trust Us

Our tagline is: "Data-Driven Digital Marketing That WORKS!"

And, it was pretty easy to come up with because...that's exactly what we deliver.

Before launching this Agency, we spent hundreds of hours & thousands of dollars training with the Top Marketers in the World for each individual aspect of what we do.

We spent that Time & Money (and continue to do so), so you don't have to.

And, we stay up to date with the latest tech & trends, to ensure we're always able to deliver what will be most effective for you!

Does that sound like the kind of Agency you'd want to work with?

It did to me...that's why I built it! 🙂


Most sincerely,

Michael Popper, Jr. | (Big Brother) Founder & Lead Consultant

If Your Business Had An Effective Marketing Strategy Running On AUTOPILOT...What Would That Mean For You?

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